Dr Norman Swan’s new book breaks down the most common medical myths

dr norman swans new book breaks down the most common medical myths

Sumary of Dr Norman Swan’s new book breaks down the most common medical myths:

  • Fish oil supplements reduce your chance of heart disease.These are among the many health myths Dr Norman Swan sets out to demolish in So You Think You Know What’s Good for You?The book — part memoir, part health guide — provides competent advice on a range of health and lifestyle matters, with the aim of helping Australians make better choices in their lives.Dr Swan also has the kind of insight that comes from being a medical doctor combined with a broadcaster ever on the lookout for emerging issues confronting Australians.Based on questions he hears time and time again from millennials to baby boomers, on everything from the food we are putting into our mouths to whether we are wrecking our kids by letting them use screens, he rounds up the best scientific data on the matters worrying so many Australians, and wrestles it into comprehensible information.“There are so many things people get anxious about — should we be having more micronutrients in our diet, less carbs, more vitamin C, more protein?” Dr Swan says.
  • “It’s just, ‘Here is the menu and if you do anything on this menu, you are doing better than anything not on the menu’ because at least you’ve got the facts in front of you so that you make up your own mind.”Dr Norman Swan on:Butter and dairyFull-fat dairy products like butter contain a lot of saturated fat, so they should be bad for you, but the evidence that’s true is lacking.How important is breakfast really?When researches combine the results of various studies, it does seem that breakfast makes a child or adolescent more alert during the morning;
  • and that if a breakfast is not filled with empty calories, there is a link with lower levels of obesity.Calculating your fatnessFor the purposes of living longer healthier, it’s your waist circumference.

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