Drink your way through lockdown: 13 tipples to take you around the world

drink your way through lockdown 13 tipples to take you around the world

Sumary of Drink your way through lockdown: 13 tipples to take you around the world:

  • Photo: iStock “Dan Murphy opening hours.” If you’ve spent any time on social media during the pandemic, you know about this meme.
  • Back in April 2020 – which was approximately 15 years ago – Australian immunologist Professor Peter Doherty accidently plugged into Twitter what he had meant for Google, and a legend was born.
  • Ever since then, any particularly bad news has been met with identical tweets, and no doubt Google searches: “Dan Murphy opening hours”.
  • instead, try an aged British cheddar.FRANCE THE DRINK So many amazing options from France, from cognac to Armagnac, calvados to brandy.
  • The most popular Provencal brands, Pernod and Ricard, are widely available in Australia.THE SNACK Olives go really well with pastis – go for Provencal style.PERU Photo: iStock THE DRINK This is going to be controversial, because both Peru and Chile claim pisco as their national drink, and both do an excellent – though different – pisco sour.
  • Peruvian pisco isn’t always easy to find in Australia – look for brands such as Cuatro Gallos and De Carral.THE SNACK Use egg whites and you have a meal in a glass;

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