Farmers smashed as ‘perfect storm’ drives avocado prices down to $1

farmers smashed as perfect storm drives avocado prices down to 1

Sumary of Farmers smashed as ‘perfect storm’ drives avocado prices down to $1:

  • Alex DruceNCA NewsWireCamera IconNot Supplied Credit: SuppliedShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the LinkThe sight of $1 avocados on shelves should nix the notion Australians must choose between brunch, or climbing the property ladder.
  • But those cheering a cheap meal of buttery, green flesh should be aware there’s a massive downside to rock-bottom prices.
  • A massive avocado oversupply means farmers are struggling to offload their fruit for a decent price, with several having to dump their crops or risk their produce withering on the tree until demand improves.
  • Avocado Australia boss John Tyas said the current avocado-lanche was the result of “a perfect storm” of soaring Australian production and lockdowns that have kept city cafes and restaurants from serving brunch.
  • Credit: Supplied“About 20 per cent of Australia’s avocados go into the food service sector and when you’ve got restaurants and cafes all shut down, then obviously they’re not they’re not moving any,” Mr Tyas said.
  • As a result, the huge crop is piling up, and some farmers are getting mere cents for a single fruit.

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