From ghost town to Australia’s greatest cycling town

from ghost town to australias greatest cycling town

Sumary of From ghost town to Australia’s greatest cycling town:

  • The Blue Derby Mountain Bike TrailsPhoto: Tourism Tasmania This is the little town that could.
  • Once a buzzing tin-mining centre, less than a decade ago Derby, snug in the tall-timbered hills of Tasmania’s north-east, was almost a ghost town.
  • Then along came the mountain bikers, a local council with some vision, some federal funds to back it and now you have the equivalent of a surf town in summer or a ski town in winter.
  • The surf breaks or the ski runs are mountain bike trails and by all accounts, they’re among the best around, designed and created as they were by a team including Queenslander Glenn Jacobs and his company World Trail.
  • In the bush, he is to mountain bike trails what Frederick McCubbin was to canvas.
  • And to look after the riders in Derby, the town buzzes with shuttles, cafes, specialist shops and specialist knowledge.
  • One of the pods at the heart of the Blue Derby Pods Ride experience.Photo: Natalie Mendham Maybe the best of that accommodation – although you’ll never find it without a drone or a guide – is the Blue Derby Pods, more about that when we pedal our way through the bush to find it, something like stumbling through the wardrobe into a Tasmanian eco-Narnia.
  • Charlie Edis, my guide, or “experience leader” for Blue Derby Pods Ride, assures me it is all “just like riding a bike” as he fits me to my Specialized Stump Jumper mountain bike, a machine so far removed from the Malvern Star I learnt to ride on, it is, as he says, “like a space ship compared with what they used to be like.” You will now receive updates from Traveller Newsletter Traveller Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox.

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