Hope on the horizon? Qantas calls for reopening of Australian borders

hope on the horizon qantas calls for reopening of australian borders

Sumary of Hope on the horizon? Qantas calls for reopening of Australian borders:

  • A number of industry leaders have been calling for Australia to begin to reopen the country’s borders and to end lockdowns.
  • Simple Flying reports that Industry leaders in Australia, including Alan Joyce, CEO of Australia’s national carrier Qantas Airlines, have had enough of the disruptions caused by the lengthy international border closure and internal border closures resulting from sudden internal lockdowns announced after the detection of a couple of COVID-19 cases in any part of Australia.
  • DISRUPTIVE LOCKDOWNS AND BORDER CLOSURES Australia’s international borders have been closed since March 2020, forcing the national airline Qantas to suspend international flights.
  • Borders within Australia have also been opening and closing sporadically in the last few months, often based on just one or two COVID-19 cases being detected somewhere in the country.
  • Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, is currently in the midst of a two-week lockdown due to 18 new COVID-19 cases having been recorded in Sydney on Tuesday.IMPACT ON AIRLINES The constant opening and closing of provincial state borders due to locally imposed lockdowns is causing major disruption to Qantas’ flight operations.
  • These snap decisions cause havoc for Qantas’ domestic flight operations.

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