How avgeeks have been coping with lockdown

how avgeeks have been coping with lockdown

Sumary of How avgeeks have been coping with lockdown:

  • They’ve swapped their original tickets — in economy, costing £700 ($993) — for swish business class seats, for just $425 each more..
  • Finding friends on social media Like Sennhauser, who’s made friends through cooking his airline meals, he’s turned social media acquaintances into real friendships..
  • Having been a follower of avgeek YouTubers Noel Philips and Paul Lucas, he went for a beer with Lucas during the summer (when it was permitted)..
  • And in the meantime, he’s also been making contact with other grounded avgeeks, getting together to run online aviation quizzes..
  • Not that he’s tied to the screen for the entire time — once he’s reached cruising altitude he can switch on the cruise control and get on with other things, just listening out for the air traffic control call outs for “his”.
  • “The great thing about the sim is that it can use real-world weather, meaning I could fly from somewhere in Southern Europe and I’d find blazing sunshine bouncing off the sea and lighting up the cockpit..
  • Although Grossman says that the destination is more important than the journey for him, “I also really love using miles and points to make that experience start in the air with, ideally, a first or business class ticket, and a luxurious free hotel,”.
  • The avgeek Airbnb-er Born and raised in Australia, but now living on Orkney, the remote archipelago off the coast of Scotland, aviation has been part of her life since she was a child…

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