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how to make the perfect lamingtons recipe felicity cloakes how to make the perfect

Sumary of How to make the perfect lamingtons – recipe | Felicity Cloake’s How to make the perfect…:

  • Lamingtons are one of those things, like Tim Tams and toad racing, that are big in Australia but, despite the best efforts of the residents of Ramsay Street, almost unknown elsewhere.
  • The cakeLamingtons are, essentially, plain cakes with frills – Barbara Skein of the Canberra Country Women’s Association, who has been making them since she was a child, told ABC news that “there are two ways to make lamingtons.
  • Skein favours the latter for her cakes, and normally I’d accept her wisdom without question, but a lamington asks a lot from its cake base: consistency is almost as important as flavour with something that has to be cut up, dipped in icing and rolled in coconut, and still come out the other end looking good enough to eat.
  • If we’re going to nitpick – which is, after all, what everyone’s here for – you could describe them as a little bit tough in comparison (that said, Granger’s are pronounced “just like I used to get in my lunchbox” and “exactly the right lamington for an Australian”, while a Kiwi agrees that they “taste like the real thing”).
  • Hay also adds desiccated coconut to her cake batter, which my testers are less keen on – the contrast between the chewy, coconut exterior and the fluffy sponge is, it seems, key to the lamington experience.
  • A traditional lamington, my Antipodean friends are quick to tell me, does not contain any kind of filling: “Cream, jam, I’m not here for that,” Matt says.

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