I gave birth in the US and Australia. These are differences between the countries.

i gave birth in the us and australia these are differences between the countries

Sumary of I gave birth in the US and Australia. These are differences between the countries.:

  • I left the birthing center feeling more rested and equipped to take care of my third baby.
  • Though I had to deliver this baby alone, the extended and supportive hospital stay, the attentive yet lighthearted approach of the midwives, and the special touches the Sydney birthing unit provided left me feeling better settled, rested, and equipped to take on the all-consuming task of caring for a newborn.
  • Most of the caregivers in the Sydney birthing unit were midwives rather than nurses and OB-GYNs, unlike in the US. I will never forget the crew of mostly Irish midwives at the Australian hospital.
  • Another told me she read serial-killer books to offset the “cuteness” of working in a birthing ward.
  • The Sydney hospital’s birthing unit provided delicious morning tea to patients and their partners twice a week.

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