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Sumary of Lost in translation:

  • Geoffrey Thomas/The West Australian Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the Link A medical experiment found that stress levels of travellers at airports were higher than those of racing car drivers..
  • The study conducted by David Lewis, a leading British neuropsychologist from Mind Lab, an independent research consultancy, involved 10 researchers, acting as passengers with a variety of sensors to test stress levels..
  • Dr Lewis said that they found that passengers passing through Heathrow Terminal 2 and 3 can suffer higher stress levels than fighter pilots, riot police and Formula 1 drivers..
  • My wife Christine — who is the Editorial Director of AirlineRatings.com — and I were going through Charles De Gaulle airport from Abu Dhabi to Toulouse to attend an Airbus two-day briefing..
  • Phone calls to the Charles de Gaulle airport went to message bank, calls to its media department went to message bank..
  • Once back in Paris, we took the train to Charles de Gaulle and wondered how on earth we were going to navigate the massive complex to find the laptop….

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