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Love is in the Air? This Airline Certainly Thinks So

We have been reporting on the many inventive schemes that airline companies across the world have been coming up with in these pandemic times. Some have started ‘flights to nowhere’, a concept that has caught on. Taiwan came up with a Hello Kitty airplane back in August to celebrate Father’s Day, and Singapore Airlines announced a similar initiative for domestic passengers. Australian airline giant Qantas launched a flight to nowhere that travels across Australia and flies over some of the most iconic sightseeing destinations like Gold Coast Beach, the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Harbour, and the country’s remote outback heartlands. And Air India too jumped on to the bandwagon for passengers who are itching for some air travel on these joyrides to nowhere. Grounded flights were even converted into restaurants and places to stay in.

The latest in this line-up of inventiveness? Speed dating while flying.

Taiwan’s EVA Air has launched a ‘flight to nowhere’ for people looking for love. The matchmaking flights are being called ‘Fly! Love is in the Air’.

Book a seat, do a round of speed dating and who knows, you may find love in the time of a pandemic.

There are three romantic flights to choose from, all scheduled across the festive season. 

Those on the flight scheduled for Christmas day will explore the east coast of Taiwan alongwith an afternoon tea back at the airport.

The one on New Year’s Eve has a dinner thrown in, and on New Year’s day, passengers can date over breakfast to celebrate a ‘fresh start’.

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