New book reveals the highs and lows of train travel

new book reveals the highs and lows of train travel

Sumary of New book reveals the highs and lows of train travel:

  • The Spirit of Queensland: ”In a train you’re in the landscape, but not of the landscape”.
  • Photo: Queensland Rail Travel Tim Richards’ love of train journeys came about the same way that a Hemingway character goes bankrupt, “gradually, then suddenly”.
  • Richards has been a travel writer for more than 17 years, but his love affair with trains really only developed in the past decade.
  • “Flashing back to my childhood though, I remember the last of Western Australia’s steam trains hauling freight past our farm when I was a few years old.
  • Richards’ new book Heading South is an ode to the great rail journeys in Australia and like any form of travel, its highs and lows.
  • Aboard iconic trains such as the Indian Pacific, the Overland and the Spirit of Queensland, Richards covers more than 7000 kilometres, from the tropics to the desert and from big cities to ghost towns.

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