New Zealand and Australia prepare to do battle (again) over treasured and lucrative Mānuka honey

new zealand and australia prepare to do battle again over treasured and lucrative manuka honey

Sumary of New Zealand and Australia prepare to do battle (again) over treasured and lucrative Mānuka honey:

  • The legend, and the Māori relationship to Mānuka, has become an important tool in a global battle to protect Aotearoa New Zealand’s Mānuka honey brand, the most bitter part of which is between New Zealand and Australia.
  • The lucrative honey is produced from bees feeding on the pollen of the Leptospermum scoparium plant, native to both Australia and New Zealand, and is famed for its anti-bacterial properties.
  • In New Zealand, it is called Mānuka, in Australia, it is more commonly known as Tea Tree, but the word Manuka (without a macron, which is used to indicate a long vowel) has been in common use in Tasmania for at least 100 years.
  • Its value and the global demand has led to a spate of crimes in New Zealand, with reports of hive thefts, covert poisonings and fights between beekeepers over land use.
  • Australian apiarists are worried they will no longer be able to produce very lucrative Manuka honey.
  • Photograph: Gregory Plesse/AFP/Getty ImagesA fight over who can claim the name Mānuka has also now been rumbling for years between Australia and New Zealand, with the latest face-off fast approaching.

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