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Paddock to plate to palate

Sumary of Paddock to plate to palate:

  • Alexandra CaseyThe West AustralianCamera IconThe Orchard, Chittering.
  • Credit: Alexandra Casey/The West AustralianShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the LinkJust short of an hour’s drive from Perth, Chittering is a place deserving of discovery, with sensational landscapes, delicious fresh produce and good wine.
  • We drive down twisting roads, past luscious green fields dotted with lambs.
  • Credit: Alexandra CaseyThe Aspara-van at Wootra FarmWe visit the Aspara-van at the Wootra Farm for a tour and taste of the asparagus with the growers.
  • Credit: Alexandra CaseyLittle Eeden FarmWe visit Little Eeden Farm Honey and Apiary, a place where locals and travellers alike journey far and wide to explore and taste their honey.
  • I try the Chilli, Ginger and Garlic Honeys, but the Passionfruit Honey is definitely my favourite.

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