The dark side of Australia tourists don’t want to hear about

the dark side of australia tourists dont want to hear about

Sumary of The dark side of Australia tourists don’t want to hear about:

  • Photo: National Library of Australia Juan Walker shades his eyes from the glare of the Queensland sun as he looks out over Kuku Yalanji country, his country, his ancestors’ country.
  • They did this, Walker says, into the 20th century.
  • Exploring Kuku Yalanji country, around Port Douglas in Queensland, with Juan Walker from Walkabout Cultural Adventures.Photo: Tourism and Events Queensland Juan Walker works as a tour guide now, at Walkabout Cultural Adventures (his last name, incidentally, comes from the family his grandfather went to work for.
  • He takes tourists out in Kuku Yalanji country, around Port Douglas.
  • “It’s about sharing part of our history,” Walker explains.
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  • It’s also a time to learn the truth of our history and to acknowledge that truth, no matter how disturbing it might be.
  • For travellers, accessing those stories is actually relatively easy.

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