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We found Australia’s best cake

Blink and you’ll miss this roadside bakery. But that would be a big mistake, because it’s home to a cake that has reached cult status.

You know when you’re told you can’t have something, and it makes you instantly want it?

That was the relationship my mother had with a particular cake as soon as lockdown 2.0 kicked off in Victoria, and movement around the state was restricted.

And it’s fair, because the ethereal passionfruit sponge cake she was fixated on is something extraordinary.

It’s found at Freshwater Creek Cakes – a hidden gem that is one of country Victoria’s best kept secrets.

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Freshwater Creek is a small rural community in the Surf Coast Shire. Most people pass through it when they are driving to the Great Ocean Road (about 1 hour and 20 minutes out of Melbourne).

In the mid ’80s a bakery popped up, in a fairly unassuming shed-like structure on the side of the road near the servo. And word soon got around that their cakes and pies were top notch, and it quickly filled with sandy kids and sun-kissed parents needing sustenance after a day at the beach.

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But the one item that reached cult status was their passionfruit sponge. People began driving ludicrous distances just to purchase one. Brides began choosing it as their wedding cake. Now, on busy weekends, they have to make 150 sponges a day to meet demand.

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