Blockbuster movies create booms for tourism — and headaches for locals

blockbuster movies create booms for tourism and headaches for locals

Sumary of Blockbuster movies create booms for tourism — and headaches for locals:

  • Italian cops are chasing people out of Rome’s Trevi Fountain.
  • Similarly, the “Harry Potter” film franchise caused tourism to increase at least 50% to every U.K. location where the movies were filmed, according to an article in the Journal of Travel Research in 2006.Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” led to a 300% increase in visitors to The National Wallace Monument in Scotland.
  • “In a description of the exhibit, she recounted people she met: a Polish tourist looking for “The Godfather’s village,” a Canadian who was happy to be in a “real mafia atmosphere” and a tourist guide who gave lessons about the Italian mob.
  • Some argue those movies unfairly stereotype Italian Americans as violent and misogynistic criminals to the millions of viewers who watched them.
  • Since the release of famed Italian film director Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita” in 1960, inspired tourists have emulated the movie’s most memorable scene by climbing into Rome’s Trevi Fountain.
  • To this day — some 60 years later — Italian authorities continue to grapple with overzealous fans, some of whom have proudly worn gowns and fur stoles as they waded around the fountain.

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