Praise for Air France leisure-focused strategy

A bet by Air France on leisure routes could catalyse a quicker recovery for the carrier, according to new research. Outbound leisure travel in France increased to 74 per cent in 20…

Oceania Cruises headed to Tahiti next year

Oceania Cruises has introduced 16 new Europe and Tahiti voyages for early 2022. The trips will take place onboard the better-than-new and more beautiful than ever Regatta and Nauti…

The best private travel experiences in Asia

When luxury travel to Asia soon returns, there are those of us with the budget and the desire for a private travel experience.. Whether flying via private jet, chartering a private yacht, or renting a luxury private villa,…

This island is paradise — but good luck getting there

(CNN) — For miles on end there are hardly any inhabitants in sight on the French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva.. This South Pacific utopia is one of the world’s most remote locations and is an extraordinary part of the…

Apr 11, Changing CFP Franc Coins Into Bills

I am visiting Tahiti and Bora Bora in December. I have 32,911 CFP Francs (XPF), all in coins (mostly 100XPF and 50XPF coins). The coins weigh 5kg / 11lb, currently worth $440AUD / $341USD.I will spend this money during our trip (and more!) but I am looking for some efficiencies on how to handle so much coin. My initial thought was that I could change…

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