Nightlife In Philippines: An After-Dark Abode For Party Lovers

The laser lights, groovy beats, and the cold pleasant winds on the beach create a picture to imagine the nightlife in Philippines. Moving past from the exotic beaches and secluded islands, the nightlife of this country gives a surreal experience of enjoying your favorite drink while dancing at your favorite tunes.To enjoy the best of the after-dark…

New Zealand to shut down its visa office in South Africa

Visas for visits to New Zealand will not be processed in South Africa from March since New Zealand has decided to close down its visa processing office in Pretoria.NEW ZEALAND VISASSouth Africans currently require a visa to enter New Zealand. For several years, the country was one of only a few South Africans were able to travel to with visa-free access.The…

15 Gorgeous Places To Visit In Philippines To Swim, Dive, Trek, & Explore

To say that the Philippines is an island lover’s destination would be an understatement! The entire country is spread across 7,000 islands, each of which is a traveler’s delight. From transparent emerald seas to white sand beaches, the islands of Philippines offer the ultimate island getaway. We have curated a list of the finest places to visit

Even the well-traveled rarely know these beautiful remote islands in Asia

A cluster of islands in the northernmost region of the Philippines is so remote that they are actually closer to Taiwan than to most parts of the Philippines. The islands sit 100 miles north of Luzon, the country's largest and most populous island and home to the capital city of Manila. Yet, they couldn't be further from the stereotypical tropical

PH expands travel ban to include UAE, Hungary

THE Philippines has banned the entry of foreign travelers from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Hungary to prevent the spread of the new, more contagious COVID-19 variant. The two countries joined the list of 32 countries with travel…

The Walled City: The toast of Asian travelers

A foreign tourist’s trip to the nation’s capital almost always begins with Intramuros, a special historical district of Manila, which was the seat of government, center of religion, education and the economy during the Spanish period. Destroyed in most part…

Int’l airlines urged not to board travelers to PH without visas

THE Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) on Wednesday, November 4, urged airlines not to allow foreign nationals bound for the Philippines without the appropriate visas. According to Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente, the bureau received reports of foreigners who were…

Take Me to Tagaytay, Again

With the easing up of transport restrictions across the archipelago, travel-deprived Metro Manilans have been scouting for accessible, inexpensive, and hassle-free destinations. And since most of the top tourist magnets require travel passes, medical certificates, the expensive anti-gen, swab…

Philippines In June: A Wonderful Time To Visit The Asian Nation

Everyone wants to visit a breezy holiday spot during their holidays. The Philippines is one such destination that will deliver on the “slice of paradise” promise. You can go on a trip through the metropolis of Manila, the capital…

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