Nine African cities you need to visit

For travellers planning bucket list-worthy adventures to embark on once we’re able to travel freely once more, it’s hard to beat the African continent.Go thereExplore’s Zanzi…

Top 10 most gay-friendly travel destinations in the world

Top 10 most gay-friendly travel destinations in the world June is Pride month – a month dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities all around the world.. Pride month is about acceptance, equality, love, and raising awareness…

Travel update: Second US airline set to fly South African route

The airline provides a vital link to the United States, where large numbers of South African migrants are now based.. DELTA AIRLINES RETURNS TO JOHANNESBURG Delta Airlines is set to return to South Africa on 1 August after…

Top 10 most spectacular rooftop pools in the world

Top 10 most spectacular rooftop pools in the world One thing that can make a hotel stand out among its competitors is a spectacular rooftop swimming pool.. Indeed, there nothing quite like the feeling of taking a dip in a…

American dream: Direct flights between SA and US to resume in June

United Airlines was set to launch flights between New York and Johannesburg on 31 March, but in January the airline postponed the start date of this service to 3 June… FILLING A GAP CREATED BY SAA The PointsGuy states that…

6 South Africa Travel Tips That Are A Must For Every Traveler

South Africa located towards the South of the African continent is the most developed of all African nations and is unbelievably charming.. The entire South African landform is remarkably endowed with stunning landscapes…

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