World Penguin Day: 6 places you’d never have thought you could see them

Imagine a penguin, and you probably picture a pure-white snowscape in a David Attenborough programme, the birds huddled together to withstand the polar chill.In reality, there are 18 species of penguin, and only two are truly native to Antarctica The rest are spread through the climates and continents of the southern hemisphere, even reaching up into…

5 exceptional retirement spots in Ecuador

Situated in South America’s northwest, Ecuador is bounded by the world’s largest ocean on one side and the planet’s largest jungle on the other. At the same time, slicing straight through the tiny country is the earth’s longest mountain range. What this all means is that people who decide to retire in Ecuador can choose to relax on serene ocean…

9 great ‘family-bubble vacations’ in Ecuador

As the world slowly recovers from COVID-19 and borders gradually start to open, families are increasingly anxious to again set out exploring the world.However, these intrepid souls are much more cognizant of the need for destinations that make it easy to maintain social distancing, avoid public transportation and evade crowded tourist areas. In this…

Celebrity Cruises to offer Galapagos trips in 2023

Celebrity Cruises has announced its 2023 sailings around the stunning Galapagos Islands.From New Year’s Eve 2022, the luxury travel brand will offer six unique, in-depth itineraries that are meticulously designed to ensure travellers experience the best of the islands on every sailing. For those looking to explore the Galapagos’ spectacular wonders…

Where can Americans travel to in April?

By Christopher Hill on Mar 11, 2021 in Africa, Asia, Belize, Caribbean, Central America, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, Namibia, North America, Regions, Rwanda, South America, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, Zambia Update: the vaccines are working! People are booking trips again – do you want to be part of…

Explore the Galapagos by Private Jet and Yacht

Departures is published by Meredith Corp. and owned by American Express. While American Express Card Member benefits are highlighted in this publication, including through the links indicated below, the content of this article was independently written by the editorial staff at Meredith. Other Departures content paid for by American Express is explicitly…

WATCH: Unexpected creature sneaks up on Google Maps Street View camera

Google Maps Street View has become a viral sensation among eagle-eyed viewers who scour the web application looking for unexpected sightings. Usually, Google's Street View cameras have the ability to snap random moments, often involving people who may not have realised the camera was around. This is because Google's cameras are often attached to cars

Private Jet Vacations…Safe, Exotic And Green?

Tour operator andBeyond is dedicated to offering the pinnacle of luxury, but, since it owns and operates its own 29 lodges and camps, it can deliver those experiences in a way that minimizes ecological impact while maximizing benefit to…

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