China acknowledges the need to guard the Mt. Everest border to keep coronavirus at bay

China acknowledges the need to guard the Mt. Everest border to keep coronavirus at bay Tuesday, May 11th 2021 – 08:58 UTC Full article “There is only one summit and it would be practically impossible to create a separation between climbers on both sides,” Santa Bir Lama said. The government of China Monday announced it will be reinforcing its…

Covid-19 spreading even among Mount Everest climbers

Covid-19 spreading even among Mount Everest climbers Thursday, May 6th 2021 – 08:40 UTC Full article “Everest is an isolated area, so there’s no risk of coronavirus,” Tamang said. Photo: Frank Bienewald/Getty Images Despite a Nepalese Health Ministry warning last week that “hospitals have run out of beds,” there is no cancellation of…

Rent An Entire Big Sky Montana Mountain From Airbnb For 88$ A Night

The world isn’t short of unique, weird and wonderful places to go or experiences to have for the intrepid vacationer. And Airbnb has just added a new contender to the list through a partnership with Big Sky Resort in Montana and legendary mountaineer Conrad Anker. Andesite Mountain in Big Sky Montana – yours and yours alone. airbnbTogether…

The British-American explorer…

The British-American explorer discusses conquering the Earth’s highest peaks and her voyage into Challenger Deep, the world’s deepest ocean …Mount Everesttravel newsClimbingOutdoorsMountaineering

10 Places To Visit Near Kathmandu That’ll Help You Learn The Essence Of Nepal

Kathmandu is and has been for many years the epicentre of Nepal’s beauty and cynosure of the animated arena where flocks of tourists from the worldwide locations pay a call on. For getting the grips with nature to grasping more about the various ethnicities, Kathmandu along with its nearby places serves as the perfect picturesque. Usually, Kathmandu…

10 Amazing Nepal Mountains You Can’t Afford To Miss On Your Next Trip

Nepal is a landlocked country, which is located in southern Asia. It is mainly located in the Himalayas but also includes the portions of Indo Gangetic Plain. Nepal is fortunate enough to have the world’s eight tallest mountains, including the Mount Everest, which is the tallest mountain of the world. People who are the die-hard fans of mountain-climbing…

Learning about Living in Isolation, from a Seasoned Mountaineer

As a seasoned mountaineer who has been on over 100 expeditions, including seven summits of Mount Everest, I am no stranger to spending long periods of time confined to limited spaces, cut off from the rest of the world. In fact, most recently on my climb of Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica, what was supposed to be a 7-day expedition turned…

20 Best Mountains Of The World Which Every Travel Enthusiast Must Visit In 2021

The dynamic landscapes and thriving flora and fauna are major factors in defining the popularity of all the mountains of the world. For the more adventurous explorers, there are many other mountain ranges like the tallest mountain range, Mount Everest and the longest mountain in the world, Andes, which must be visited for an exhilarating experience…

The Iconic Explorers Club Honors 50 Members Including 21 Remarkable Women

Susan R. Eaton with curious penguins on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Island Stephen Henshall The iconic Explorers Club revealed its honorees for its inaugural EC 50 program, recognizing 50 explorers who are changing the world. The Club nominated over 400 explorers from over 50 countries, all representing a diverse group from every continent,

Nepal to open gallery displaying art made of rubbish left on Mount Everest

Mount Everest has long struggled with its status as the “world’s highest garbage dump” – but now at least some of the huge amount of rubbish left behind by visitors each year will be put to good use. A new gallery opening in Nepal will display works of art made out of rubbish taken from Everest. Housed in Sagarmatha Next Centre, a visitors’

Mapped: The World’s Longest Continuous Walk

Stretching across Africa, Asia and Europe, the route is 22,387-km-long and hypothetically stands to take 587 days to cover if you walked 8 hours daily …

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