Tracing the remains of the ancient Fujiko cult in Tokyo’s mini Mount Fujis

Mount Fuji has always been regarded as a sacred mountain, but for much of their history, the Japanese have been content to admire the iconic peak from afar. The only people interested in actually climbing it were the mountain-loving followers of Shugendo, (修験道 “the way of self-discipline”), a sect of mountain ascetics.However, in the early…

Royal Caribbean’s Newest Supersize Cruise Ship Will Make Its Debut in China Next Year

This article originally appeared on China is about to become home to the world’s biggest cruise ship.The new Wonder of the Seas from Royal Caribbean is set to make its debut in March 2022, sailing from Shanghai toward Japan. The ship will be able to accommodate nearly 7,000 guests and an additional…

Soothe your soul with these stunning images of Japan’s cherry blossoms

All over Japan buds of blossoms have slowly been opening and dousing the country in a blanket of flowers.It’s sakura (cherry blossom) season, which typically runs from March to April every year. It’s an opportunity for locals to indulge in hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of ‘flower viewing’.While we can’t travel to Japan right now,…

20 Best Mountains Of The World Which Every Travel Enthusiast Must Visit In 2021

The dynamic landscapes and thriving flora and fauna are major factors in defining the popularity of all the mountains of the world. For the more adventurous explorers, there are many other mountain ranges like the tallest mountain range, Mount Everest and the longest mountain in the world, Andes, which must be visited for an exhilarating experience…

Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture is an enjoyable day trip from Tokyo

If you are looking for an enjoyable day trip from Tokyo, Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture is one place worth a visit. Just 70 minutes from Shinagawa Station, Miura Peninsula features rural landscape and a beautiful shoreline.*As Kanagawa Prefecture is now under the state of emergency control for CORVID-19, please visit the Miura Peninsula when…

Yamanashi: Japan’s wine country in the Fuji foothills

A ring of emerald mountains around low plains forms landlocked Yamanashi Prefecture in the Chubu region, a landscape ripe for outdoor activities. Hiking, climbing, fishing, camping and hot springs are all within easy reach, while fertile conditions have blessed the region with some of Japan’s most delicious fruit.Peach, grape and plum are…

Japan’s gruesome display shocks world

When you think of travelling to Japan, you probably picture yourself slurping ramen, visiting a Hello Kitty cafe, snapping pics of Mount Fuji and loudly singing karaoke. …

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