Finally a Stranger Things pop-up store in Paris!

Sumary of Finally a Stranger Things pop-up store in Paris!:

  • Why you absolutely have to go to the Stranger Things pop-up store?
  • The other advantage to come to the pop-up store, in addition to the interactive experience, are the exclusive derivative products on sale.
  • Fans of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, great news!
  • Now it’s up to us, French people and tourists in the capital, to be able to enter the mysterious and supernatural world of Stranger Things.
  • A totally dedicated pop-up store opens its doors in Paris on Friday June 24, 2022, for the whole summer.
  • And we can measure our luck because it is the first pop-up store in Europe.
  • Watch out for the guards or the Demogorgons who could be hiding in the corners…

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