11 Largest Castles In The World That You Must Visit At Least Once In A Lifetime!

Castles were built as defensive structures against invaders atop a hill or by the waters in the middle ages. They were also a home and a fortress for the Royals. It is believed that the Normans were the ones to have built the first Castles in the world in a motte and bailey style. Castles have been since then revived and rebuilt. Over the years, some…

More Night Trains to Connect Major European Cities

If all goes according to plan, a new overnight train will run between Prague and Brussels, stopping at Dresden, Berlin and Amsterdam on the way, in 2022. The plan has been mooted by a Dutch overnight train co-operative called European Sleeper in collaboration with Czech operator RegioJet.NEWS: Prague is the destination of our first night train from…

The dream ticket: sleeper trains could soon run from London to Europe’s cities

It is being hailed as the latest evidence of a new dawn for the European sleeper train. Citing changes in attitude wrought by the two crises of the climate emergency and the Covid pandemic, a new night service in 2022 was announced last week between Brussels and Prague, stopping at Amsterdam, Berlin and Dresden, with tickets expected to cost from €60…

Czech Republic Travel Tips – Read Through Before Embarking On Your Journey

The Czech Republic is situated in Central Europe and surrounded by economic giants such as Germany, Poland and Austria. The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague has been topping the list of the most visited countries in Central Europe for its medieval history and architecture. With its very own affluent history and culture, the Czech Republic might…

The 16 Most Romantic Places In Europe To Inspire Your Valentine’s Day

One of the world's most timeless romantic spots getty Traditionally, this is the time of the year when lovers express their affection with greetings, special invitations to restaurants, gifts, promises or the ultimate treat: a trip to a romantic destination. This year, the pandemic is forcing everyone to reimagine Valentine’s Day and not let Covid-19

The Essential Travel Forecast Report 2021 (Part 3)

In Part 3 of my travel trend series, I reveal why the boom in UK travel will continue – it offers safety and beauty on our doorstep, and a flurry of new openings next year. I also reveal the…

Where Wes Anderson films ‘accidentally’ come to life

A new book portrays striking locations from Lisbon to Alaska brimming with the great director’s aesthetic appealThere’s something about director Wes Anderson’s style that’s instantly recognisable. Immaculate composition, symmetrical lines, pastel colours, idiosyncratic and strangely alluring sets are trademarks…

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