Are you ready to walk across the 516 Arouca?

are you ready to walk across the 516 arouca

Although international travel may be a long way off, nature and adventure lovers are curious about the new bridge inaugurated inside the in Portugal. The bridge not only serves as a viewing gallery to verdant mountains around it and a fast flowing river beneath but is also the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge, beating the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge in Switzerland.

Inaugurated on April 29, the bridge named 516 Arouca spans 1,693 feet or 516 meter (the 1939 built Lakshman Jhula over the Ganga in Rishikesh is 450 feet or 137 meter), while the Swiss bridge, which opened in 2017, spans 1,621 feet.

UNESCO recognized Arouca Geopark is located in northern Portugal about 50 km far away from Oporto and Aveiro cities. Among other things, the park is known for its nature tourism, including adventure sports such as rafting, canoeing, canyoning, rock climbing and a network of walking trails. The new bridge to some extent runs parallel to the popular eight km long Paiva walkway that winds along the left bank of the River Paiva.

516 Arouca, which hangs over the River Paiva at a height of 576 feet (175 meter), connects the Aguieiras Waterfall and the Paiva Gorge, and has been built at a cost of 2…

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