Rare ‘Moon Dog’ Captured In Antarctica While Epic ‘Super Pink Moon’ Lights-Up Arabian Desert

rare moon dog captured in antarctica while epic super pink moon lights up arabian desert

Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC) has captured the incredible Pink Supermoon above the Torch … [+] Tower in Doha and in the Al Aamriya Desert. Partnering with local astro-photographer Vinay Swaroop Balla, the striking images show the moon rising above the country’s iconic locations.

Vinay Swaroop Balla & Qatar National Tourism Council

Did you see the “Super Pink Moon” this week? It was coming, then it was gone (and it wasn’t too dangerous), but some stunning images have come to light since that you need to see.

May’s full Moon, traditionally called the “Pink Moon” in North America because this time of year sees the flowering of phlox.

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That’s not the case globally, but the name has stuck regardless. It was termed a “supermoon” because out satellite was almost as close to Earth as it gets on its slightly elliptical orbit.

The result was a full Moon about 6% larger than normal, but a much rarer event was photographed around it close to the South Pole.

Not, not an actually pink Moon (a common misconception), but a “moon dog…

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