Two planes have close call when pilots mishear air traffic control instructions

two planes have close call when pilots mishear air traffic control instructions

Two planes came alarmingly close to each other when flight crew misheard an air traffic control instruction during a landing in windy weather.

The crew of a Singapore Airlines jet was preparing to land at Sydney Airport on 9 February following a missed approach due to windshear.

While on the go-around, air traffic control advised the pilots of the Airbus A380 jet to turn right, according to an investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

However, the pilots misheard the instruction and instead turned left.

This put them in the flight path of another plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, which was descending to land around 11km away.

The crew of the Superjumbo was then instructed to turn right and climb immediately; while the crew of the Dash 8 aircraft were instructed to make a right turn to maintain an acceptable distance between the planes.

However, this then resulted in the Dash 8 plane flying close to another passenger plane, a Boeing 737, which was also getting ready to land at Sydney airport.

This caused a “loss of separation”, with the distance between the Dash 8 plane and the 737 aircraft reduced to 4…

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