The 10 Best Cities in Europe

There’s no continent I’ve explored as thoroughly as Europe. Reluctantly, at times, I’ll admit. Yes, there was a time when I wasn’t excited by the prospect of travel in Europe. It was right when I first started travelling long-term,…

European Month of Photography in Berlin

The 2020 edition of Germany’s largest photography festival is about to kick off! European Month of Photography in Berlin and beyond Taking place in Berlin every two years since 2004, European Month of Photography is colossal and renowned worldwide….

My 13 Favourite Tropical Islands

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Back when I was first planning to travel long-term, I didn’t think my journey would have a focus. I wanted to see it all: cities, villages, lakes, mountains, rainforests, glaciers, deserts, and…

Japan’s first-ever ramen restaurant reopens after 44 years

There are plenty of unique ramen restaurants around Japan that proudly boast unique attributes like Michelin stars, idol singers, and straight-up fire, but only one can lay claim as being the country’s… …

Ethiopian food: The 15 best dishes

Ethiopian food is distinctive and delicious, befitting a remarkable country with a cultural heritage that stands out from the rest of Africa….

Kitchen continental: chefs on the 12 European dishes everyone should try

From waterzooi to zur, there are countless delights on offer across the continent. Chefs from Spain to Estonia tell us their best-kept food secretsAfter all these years of Swedes working in French kitchens and Italian chefs moving to Denmark, you could be forgiven for thinking of European cuisine as one big homogenous offering, a pot not so much melting as melted into one big lump of Eurofood. But all it takes is a walk through a market in some new place for the untapped riches of the continental table to hit you. We asked 12 stellar chefs – some Michelin-starred, several of the World’s 50 Best, all passionate – to tell us about the local dishes they think we need to try. Continue reading… …

Skydiving Vs Paragliding 2020: Dive Or Glide, Your Choice

Skydiving in simple words is parachuting from an aeroplane for fun and adventure. It is indeed plenty of thrills to feel like a bird even for those few minutes. It is well known to be done individually let alone in groups. On the other hand, paragliding is the recreational and a very enjoyable yet thrilling adventure sport of flying paragliders. It

Get the chills at the world’s coolest ice hotels

Ice hotels are magnificent structures created entirely from packed snow and ice, adorned with awe-inspiring ‘meltable’ art in the form of ice carvings and snow sculptures, and boasting luxury amenities akin to any of the top hotels in the world. While they may be chilly, what these fantastic hotels lack in warmth, they certainly make up for

International travel: USA adds more restrictions for foreign visitors

The country in the world with the highest number of COVID-19 infections is the USA. There are almost eight million infected persons in the United States according to, which records the infection rates in countries across the world. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued additional restrictions for visitors

Try Canyoning In Slovenia On Your Next Trip To Europe!

Slovenia is located in central Europe and is renowned for ski resorts, lakes, and mountains. If we start talking about the particular regions of Slovenia, they are a unique fable in themselves. Lake Bled a glacial body that is nurtured by hot sprints, and on its banks is the town, Bled. This town comprises churches and medieval castles, which makes

African travel: Best places to go in October for one-of-a-kind experiences

Here are some of the best places to visit for unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences in Africa. African travel Tiger fishing in Zambia The fish are biting and it’s time to head to the water in Zambia. While most rivers and lakes in Zambia carry good stocks of fish, the main drawcard for most fishermen and anglers is the tough tiger

‘Hideous’ statue of Melania unveiled

A “hideous” new Melania Trump statue has been compared to the infamous botched art restoration dubbed the Monkey Christ.Want to know more on ‘Hideous’ statue of Melania unveiled click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information summary from Travel News.Author: A “hideous” new Melania Trump statue has been compared

Thailand and Singapore removed from UK quarantine list as two more nations added

QUARANTINE measures have been introduced for travellers returning to the UK from Slovenia and Guadeloupe. The countries have all recorded a sudden spike in coronavirus cases over the last week. Here's everything you need to know.Want to know more on Thailand and Singapore removed from UK quarantine list as two more nations added click here go to Travel

UK quarantine list: Slovenia joins ‘no-go’ countries, but Thailand and Singapore gain exemption

Slovenia is the latest country to be placed effectively off-limits for British travellers. It was added to the no-go list of countries “to keep everyone safe,” in the words of the transport secretary, Grant Shapps.Want to know more on UK quarantine list: Slovenia joins ‘no-go’ countries, but Thailand and Singapore gain exemption click here

Norway adds Italy and Slovenia to 10-day Covid-19 quarantine list

Restrictions will also apply to the Vatican and San Marino, but will be eased for those coming from Cyprus and six regions of Sweden and one in Denmark, the Norwegian foreign ministry said in a statement.Want to know more on Norway adds Italy and Slovenia to 10-day Covid-19 quarantine list click here go to tour news source. Travel and tour information
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