Seek and you will find ‘The Adventure Within’ through epic SA playground

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As sure as the promise of a new sun and new moon; so do seasons
change, life speeds by and all the things you wanted to do take a backseat
unless you learn ways to find (and harness) the adventure within.

Like with most things, it all starts with planning and being a little ahead of the curve. (Disclaimer: Any boss should look away now.) Start by having a big-picture view of your annual calendar; highlight all the public holidays with a big fat khoki pen and ta-da…you see the gaps and are now at full liberty to take them and submit all your leave requests well in advance.

Jokes aside: “You are what you do”, so if you want more adventure and spontaneity in your life… go get it!

Couple hiking together in the wilderness. Photo: Adobe Stock Start small and dream big

Start small. You don’t necessarily need a lot of money, a pile of leave or the will to travel to exotic, far-flung places. Adventure can be found within — in your state of mind, the way you approach weekends or new seasons (yes, I’m noting my own advice here) — and to “break the bubble”, you may need to develop some new adventure habits.

Luckily for you, we live in a country that willingly offers up its mountains, ever-stretching oceans and other outdoor spoils as part of its epic playground offering.

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Author: Josie Eveleigh

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