How Milan is reinventing itself as a cycle city

Flatter than a margherita pizza, with wide, well-paved roads, its compact centre spans just 15km from top to bottom.. In a matter of minutes, two wheels will take you from the city spectacular gothic Duomo to the bar-lined…

Better Wines At Better Prices Due To A Global Glut

[+] 2020 shows wine barrels during a ‘primeurs’ Bordeaux wines tasting according to sanitary rules after France eased lockdown measures taken to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus…..

Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Mail Order Meats

Allen Brothers Father Day falls right in the heart of grilling, smoking and outdoor cooking season, but many steak enthusiasts feel the very best way to get steakhouse quality perfection is still a cast iron pan on the stove,…

“Adopt the pace of Nature. Her… – Jan Milo Severo • 6h MANILA, Philippines — Kapamilya host Vhong Navarro teased an upcoming project with Kapuso host Maine Mendoza

Red list countries: All the high risk nations

From 17 May, international travel has been given the official go-ahead in England by the Global Travel Taskforce, subject to a traffic light system.. There will also be a “green watchlist”, which is a measure that the…

10 Glorifying Argentina Festivals That Acquaint You Into The Culture

Argentina is known to have fun-loving people, with an exciting culture and beautiful landscapes. It is the second largest country in South America. There is more to the country than meets your eye. The country not only offers great food, adventure but is also host to a number of festivals. Your trip to Argentina will not be complete without you witnessing…

Resumption of Sao Paulo and Santiago/Falklands air links taking off next July?

Resumption of Sao Paulo and Santiago/Falklands air links taking off next July? Saturday, March 13th 2021 – 09:55 UTC Full article The Latam Brazil weekly flght from Sao Paulo is scheduled for 5 July with a Boeing 767-300 that has a 221 passenger capacity. Commercial air links between Chile and Brazil and the Falkland Islands are expected to…

LBGT+ cruise to Antarctica from Ushuaia in December 2022 sold out in ten days

LBGT+ cruise to Antarctica from Ushuaia in December 2022 sold out in ten days Thursday, February 25th 2021 – 09:05 UTC Full article According to Vacaya’s website, the cruise sold out in a record of just ten days, making it the fastest-selling Vacaya cruise to date Argentina announced that it will port the first-ever LGBT+ cruise to Antarctica…

How Well Do You Know 2020? Take this Quiz

Before the new year greets us, and we move on to a new chapter in our lives, let’s look back at the travel highlights of 2020. …

Restaurants Around the World Closed Permanently by the Pandemic

According to the National Restaurant Association, almost 100,000 eating places on every level around the country have closed permanently or for the foreseeable future since the pandemic began—everything from the beloved…

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