londons most glamorous restaurants

Sumary of London’s Most Glamorous Restaurants:

  • At the entrance to London Amazónico, an always-buzzing bar area rubs elbows with an open-plan kitchen featuring pineapples on a rotisserie, hot sand cooking pits, Brazilian churrasco skewers and Josper charcoal ovens..
  • As you venture a little further into the jungle, the vibe changes to a sit-down restaurant with a DJ spinning ‘elec-tropical’ beats;.
  • Don’t miss the photogenic favorite, the Nazar Sour, which depicts the evil eye amulet and combines cardamom-infused vodka with rose-water syrup, Blue Curacao and champagne foam..
  • From Cornish oysters with house-made CUT hot sauce to a flight of wagyu steaks sourced from three different continents, there no way anyone could leave unimpressed (or still hungry)..
  • Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer Bob Bob Ricard Any restaurant where each table has its own “press for champagne”.
  • Bob Bob Ricard has been a London Soho institution with dazzling art deco décor and Russian-meets-British cuisine (somehow, it works a treat)..
  • From impossibly juicy beef Wellington and Stinking Bishop cheese soufflé to Russian dumplings and eight-times-distilled Imperial Russian Standard Vodka chilled to zero-degrees, you will feast like royalty surrounded by golden-age glamour…

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