Back to earth: Ushuaia admits much uncertainty about the coming cruise season

back to earth ushuaia admits much uncertainty about the coming cruise season

Sumary of Back to earth: Ushuaia admits much uncertainty about the coming cruise season:

  • Roberto Murcia head of Tierra del Fuego province Ports Department admitted that the cruise company had anticipated them of their decision and was based on the fact that Chile, “had no restrictions for the access of foreigners”, and not because of costs or operational improvements compared to the port of Ushuaia.
  • “This lack of definition is making things very difficult, because it is vital for companies to know as soon as possible how the issue of the entry of vessels, crew and the interchange of passengers”, admitted Murcia in an interview with a local radio.
  • Murcia added that last week Tierra del Fuego governor addressed the federal government requesting a quick decision on the issue, and whether incoming passengers had to comply with the quarantine, and if, where, no matter what the provincial sanitary protocol said, but which the federal government has yet to address.
  • Murcia added that the delay on approving the sanitary measures and protocols will have complications for Ushuaia, losing competitiveness with Chilean ports and the economic impact that goes beyond port rates and services, given all the activity generated by thousands of visitors and crew members landing.

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