10 exceptional birdwatching spots in Ecuador

10 exceptional birdwatching spots in ecuador

Sumary of 10 exceptional birdwatching spots in Ecuador:

  • And one of the best areas for some serious birding is the pint-sized South American nation of Ecuador, which has the most bird species per acre of any country on the planet.
  • All of this gives birders the possibility of spotting more different species in a week or two than you would have just about anywhere elseFor birders, the country is a top destination not only thanks to this vast number of species, but also because Ecuador is safe and easy to visit and get around.
  • A few on the main Amazonian areas well worth visiting include the following: 1. Yasuni National Park Located in the center-east of South America’s Amazon region, Yasuni National Park covers more than a million hectares, making it the largest protected area in continental Ecuador.
  • In fact, a team of bird counters recently identified close to 500 species in just a single day.
  • Ecuador’s Pacific coast and plain The water flowing down from the western slopes of the Andes heads across Ecuador’s western plain and then down to the Pacific coast, a journey that passes through some of South America’s most diverse but endangered habitats.
  • Bellavista Cloud Forests (The Choco Corridor) The Choco Corridor is a birding hotspot that runs through Ecuador’s Pacific plain from Colombia to the north and south to Peru.

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