Airlines bowing to a ‘press release’; vax mandate a ‘mirage’ not yet on book …

airlines bowing to a press release vax mandate a mirage not yet on books watters

Sumary of Airlines bowing to a ‘press release’; vax mandate a ‘mirage’ not yet on books: Watters:

  • Host Jesse Watters noted that U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has jurisdiction over air travel, but has been noticeably absent as the chaos intensified:”Mayor Pete is going to have his hands full [as the holidays approach] – he’s in charge.
  • Watters said the vaccine mandate which Biden announced in a national address in September is a “mirage” because it has yet to be formally written, reviewed by the necessary bureaucracies and given time to be implemented:”The rule has never been written.
  • Watters added that a Southwest employee in California told him she was about to be fired after 23 years because she will not submit to the vaccine injection.
  • “Host Dana Perino later noted of Southwest’s initial weather claim that it is no longer the 1980s when an airline could cancel because of weather and the ridership would have to take the assertion at face value.

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