discover these scenic hiking and walking trails

Sumary of Discover These Scenic Hiking And Walking Trails:

  • The Forest Service reports more than 165 million visitors to National Forests and that more than 40% of visitors hike or walk on forest trails.
  • Hikers find a sunken garden, fragrance garden and paddle options, which improve the odds of spotting an alligator.
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area offers numerous options for hikers.
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, California Nestled within the 75,000-acre Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Cavallo Point offers over 350-acres to explore just steps from the hotel.
  • Chapel Steps to Bay Trail: Simple and serene with picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay (two miles), Battery Spencer Trail: Under the Golden Gate Bridge and up to the former coastal battery (three miles), Coastal Trail to SCA Trail: Through California’s Golden Poppies and into the Marin Headlands with views of the city and Bay (three miles), Kirby Cove Trail: Reveals a pristine beach at the foot of the Marin Headlands west of the Golden Gate Bridge, (four and one-half miles), Slacker Ridge: Connects to the peak of the Coastal Trail, with panoramic views of San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean (four and one half miles), Rodeo Valley Trail to Bobcat Trail: Dips into the tranquil valley where runners can find Red Tail Hawks and Mission Blue Butterlies alongside views of the valley, Rodeo Beach and the Pacific Ocean (ten miles).

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