Gastronomic Bliss At Indian-Inspired Restaurant, ROOH San Francisco

gastronomic bliss at indian inspired restaurant rooh san francisco

Sumary of Gastronomic Bliss At Indian-Inspired Restaurant, ROOH San Francisco:

  • At ROOH, Chef de Cuisine Pujan Sarkar does an incredible job of marrying the intense flavors of traditional Indian cuisine with the seasonality and freshness of California produce.
  • Dishes featured on the tasting menu include California spot prawn with ghee roast;
  • ” Pomegranate Glazed Pork Belly ROOH SF Meaning, “soul,” ROOH is described by the owners as representing the spirit of India, combining authentic Indian flavors with California flare to create inimitable dishes.
  • Chef Pujan Sarkar: Local Californian produce plays a major role in our day-to-day menu.
  • Chef Pujan Sarkar: At ROOH, we like to blend our bold Indian spices with much mellower Californian produce, creating an explosion of flavors on your palette.
  • Lamb Keema Hyderabadi ROOH SF Talk about our pay it forward program and ways you’re giving back.

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