the stunning winning images in the un world oceans day 2021 photo contest revealed

Sumary of The stunning winning images in the UN World Oceans Day 2021 photo contest revealed :

  • The winners of the United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition 2021 have been announced, with the stunning images showcasing a fascinating spread of marine flora and fauna around the planet, from the Faroe Islands to Costa Rica..
  • Livelihoods, Above Water Seascapes, Underwater Seascapes, Digital Ocean Photo Art, Faces Of The Sea and Oceanic Discoveries..
  • Award-winning Belgian photographer Ellen Cuylaerts, who curated the contest, told MailOnline Travel that there were around 1,400 entries from across the world..
  • ‘The diversity of the judges made this a very interesting year for the contest, with musician and photographer Julian Lennon and Swedish TV host Joakim Odelberg among those on the panel..
  • We, along with the United Nations Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea, which produced the competition, hope these images will inspire us to rebalance our relationship with the oceans..
  • It’s time to make an impactful change.’ US photographer Evans Baudin took this striking shot of a shortfin mako shark off the coast of Baja California, Mexico..
  • Who is watching who?’ Hannes Klostermann from Germany came second in the Oceanic Discoveries category with this fascinating photo of a school of skipjack tuna preying on a sardine bait ball in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico..
  • It was amazing to spend a long time with the huge animal, which was completely calm that day’ This magical shot of a sea lion pup in a cave was snapped by British photographer Nur Tucker while he was diving off the coast of Baja California in Mexico….

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