‘Turning fear into wearable pieces’: in the workshop with Alighieri jeweller Rosh Mahtani

turning fear into wearable pieces in the workshop with alighieri jeweller rosh mahtani

Sumary of ‘Turning fear into wearable pieces’: in the workshop with Alighieri jeweller Rosh Mahtani:

  • Inspired, she would spend hours crafting rings out of sharp bits of wire, which she believed would bring her powers.
  • It feels really mad,” she laughs, before having to break off to take a call, explaining that as well as heading up the business and designing all of the collections, logistics are still very much part of her day to day.
  • The first in her family to go to university, Mahtani studied French and Italian at the University of Oxford.
  • It was there that she discovered the works of the 14th-century Italian poet, Dante Alighieri, namely his Divine Comedy, and became obsessed with analysing every aspect of it.
  • While the half-day wax carving course she’d completed at Hatton Garden wasn’t entirely what she’d envisaged – “it was all about precision and measurement” – something about the physicality of the craft struck a chord in her, and she began spending hours on end in her bedroom with nothing but a piece of wax and a couple of tools.
  • ”The Makers ProjectHer Infernal Storm collection, for example, made references to Dante’s Paolo and Francesca through shapes that were made to feel as though they had been through an infernal storm themselves.

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