‘Very Ordinary’ Astronauts Prepare for an Extraordinary Launch to Space

very ordinary astronauts prepare for an extraordinary launch to space

Sumary of ‘Very Ordinary’ Astronauts Prepare for an Extraordinary Launch to Space:

  • The trip shows that a private citizen, at least someone with a couple hundred million dollars and a few months to spare, is now able to essentially rent a spacecraft to circle the planet.
  • ’”With his crew of everypersons, Mr. Isaacman is endeavoring to achieve a goal of science fiction authors and space enthusiasts: to open space to everyone, not just professional astronauts and wealthy space tourists.
  • Mr. Isaacman has declined to say how much he is paying, only that it was less than the $200 million he hopes to raise for St.
  • And the endeavor carries high risks, with many observers invoking the death of Christa McAuliffe, a teacher who was aboard the space shuttle Challenger when it disintegrated during launch in 1986. It’s far from a commercial airline flight and more like the orbital equivalent of scaling Mount Everest.

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