Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Coolers Of 2021 For Every Dad

Sumary of Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Coolers Of 2021 For Every Dad:

  • Ben Matthews A good cooler is a nearly foolproof Father Day gift, because there are so many shapes and sizes and styles that can serve so many needs..
  • But at the same time, cooler technology has improved dramatically in recent years, as ultra-insulated and much more efficient models, many of them made nearly indestructible by the process of rotational milling hard plastic shells, have taken over the market..
  • YETI is the gold standard for hard coolers, and pioneered many of the features that have become ubiquitous in high-end models, like extra-heavy duty milled plastic bodies, thick insulation that can keep ice for a week not a day, better gaskets, hinges and latches, and so on..
  • If you are ready to up the ante, the V-Series is the ne plus ultra of YETI coolers, the company first stainless steel model, taking the retro style of a vintage Coleman and adding miraculous high-tech features..
  • It features the company existing proprietary PermaFrost cooler insulation coupled with new vacuum technology borrowed from their insulated drinkware line, allowing for thinner walls with better insulation then their flagship Tundra hard cooler line, already the best available..
  • It is better at staying cold, better looking, and available in just one larger size, an above-average 55-quart model, that smaller than similar volume plastic coolers and can hold 46 beers and 55 pounds of ice ($800)..
  • A cooler is basically a portable refrigerator that relies on ice rather a compressor, offering very little temperature control..
  • Unless of courses, the cooler is a Dometic, in which case it is an actual portable refrigerator that uses no ice at all, but instead, electricity….

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