top 5 where to find tokyos best kakigori

Sumary of Top 5: Where to find Tokyo’s best kakigōri:

  • | ALEX FISHER Momijiya Who would trek out to Adachi Ward on a summer afternoon, braving mosquitoes for an hour or two under scorching sun?
  • tokyoKuriya Otona Kurogi’s adzuki bean paste-studded kinako kuromitsu (roasted soy flour and black sugar syrup) kakigōri is a sure winner.
  • | FLORENTYNA LEOW Kuriya Otona Kurogi Kakigōri at the Ueno outpost of the Hongo-based traditional sweets maker Kuriya Kashiya Kurogi is for those with a boundless appetite for ice.
  • Even by contemporary kakigōri standards, Kuriya Otona Kurogi’s beautifully sculpted ices overwhelm with their sheer size — pyramids of granular, velvety ice that conceal seams of cream and other fillings.
  • A past summer special, for example, was a kabocha pumpkin symphony: white bean paste and simmered kabocha inside kabocha-infused milk-drenched ice, blanketed with cream cheese and kabocha sauces and then topped with kabocha seeds and fried kabocha.
  • ly/otonakurogi-igZingy citrus-milk kakigōri from Neiroya in Ogikubo.

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