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6 Places You Can Travel To In December

Much of the world is now seeing glimmers of hope after news of positive early results from two vaccine trials. And a number of others may be on the way soon. This might mean the world can open up again and the travel industry can get back to business. But things aren’t going to change overnight.

Coco palm over paradise white sandy beach and turquoise sea. Many travelers are now dreaming of such … [+] a scene.


There’s going to be a wait for more data, official vaccine authorizations, and then of course the complicated process of getting vaccines out to everyone who needs one. That may take months. What we also don’t know is whether getting vaccinated will mean more borders open up. It’s likely some countries will take that approach while others won’t, and there’ll be a patchwork of policies well into 2021 where some vaccines are accepted in some places but not others, and so forth.

The good news is that there are plenty of places to go for those of us that want to travel in the intervening months. And new countries are being added to the list even as infection rates go up across the western world. That means that while we should look closely at risks and be careful with planning trips, there are some very good options for getting away.

Last week we looked at several places where tourists are welcome and COVID numbers are low.

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As a follow-up, here’s a look at six top places to consider for a December getaway, with some new additions included.


Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile



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