A big chance to tackle Britain’s rampant meat consumption has been missed | Rosemary Green

a big chance to tackle britains rampant meat consumption has been missed rosemary green

Sumary of A big chance to tackle Britain’s rampant meat consumption has been missed | Rosemary Green:

  • We now consume these foods on a massive scale while falling short on the fruit and vegetables that would help us avoid diseases in later life.For the first time, the plan released by the National Food Strategy combines all the sectors involved in our food system – from farming to government procurement, education to industry and trade.
  • The tax – with some of resulting revenue ringfenced for providing fruit and veg to low-income families – should have big health benefits, building on those of the sugary drinks levy introduced a few years ago.But the bit that scientists in my field are still waiting for is the part of the plan that will tackle rampant meat and dairy consumption.
  • But there are many other measures aside from taxes that could help reduce meat and dairy consumption without demonising the great British Sunday lunch.
  • There is also an aim to make all food sold by public sector organisations conform to healthy diet guidelines (including reducing meat), but this only represents about 5% of total food service turnover – a drop in the ocean.The biggest idea in the Food Strategy for reducing meat consumption is through encouraging technological innovations, but a lot of these come with big caveats.

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