Discover the 10 best Apulian foods

Sumary of Discover the 10 best Apulian foods:

  • Excellent extra-virgin olive oil cheese bread tomatoes good wine These ingredients grow naturally thanks to the mild climate of Apulia and when combined in century old traditional recipes the effect is just incredibly tasteful and healthy..
  • We collected 10 Apulian recipes you cannot miss on your Apulian journey and remember, when in doubt, do as the locals do:.
  • The famous Orecchiette with cime di rapa (pasta with turnip greens) is one of the most typical recipes of Apulia, for sure..
  • This is basically a home made fresh pasta dish with cooked turnip greens and chili pepper, possibly with anchovies..
  • We recommend you dress it with a little bit of olive oil, a few basil leaves and some fresh tomatoes, together with Apulian bread or taralli (see below)..
  • They are used as accompaniment for many aperitifs, especially with red or white wine and it a special Apulian dish you can serve to your friends at the last minute..
  • Then you cover them with a topping of your choice, such as mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, pepper, black or green olives, tuna and whatever you may like..
  • The Apulian bread is the result of a millenary art handed down over the centuries from one baker to his successor and it is jealousy kept inside the Apulian bakers’ world….

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