How close are we to guilt-free flying?

how close are we to guilt free flying

Sumary of How close are we to guilt-free flying?:

  • Aviation generates 2.8% of global CO2 emissions and, even before the recent COP26 climate talks, has become a lightning rod for the “flight shame” movement.
  • On the heels of the climate summit agreement by 200 countries to slash greenhouse emissions by 2030, the industry has been steeling itself for a crisis as more and more people raise concerns over the impact of air travel.
  • Net-zero carbon emissions by 2050So how close are we to guilt-free and genuinely low-impact flying?
  • At its annual meeting in October, IATA, the International Air Transport Association, rubber stamped a resolution in support of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. That’s a tall order.
  • IATA reckons that figure won’t be quite so high as some emissions will be mitigated through the adoption of cleaner energy sources and better airplane design.
  • “A potential scenario is that 65% of [carbon] will be abated through sustainable aviation fuels,” Willie Walsh, the former British Airways boss who is now IATA’s director general, said in a press release.

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