Unraveling the Mysteries Hidden in Vast Glacier Caves

unraveling the mysteries hidden in vast glacier caves

Sumary of Unraveling the Mysteries Hidden in Vast Glacier Caves:

  • Looking up, I noted the spindrift — blinding snow whipped into a frenzy by howling winds — that was sandblasting the entrance, some 20 feet above me.
  • He’s won the X Games, ESPN’s extreme sports competition, and hung out with Jimmy Chin, a professional mountaineer and filmmaker.
  • I ended up in Greenland with Will because he wanted to make an expedition film that focused attention on climate change.
  • Over his long career, he has seen climate change erase ice climbs and shrink glaciers.
  • While I was skipping classes to explore and map caves near campus, Doug was studying how the warming climate was melting Mount Everest’s glaciers into networks of lakes.
  • Between climbs, and later over beers, Doug and I became convinced that we could understand how glacier caves in the Everest region were forming — if only we could explore and map them.

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