excited for vegan luxury travel in southeast asia

Sumary of Excited for vegan luxury travel in Southeast Asia:

  • Currently quarantine is still a pre requisite for travel throughout the region but ‘vaccine passports’ are being discussed alongside ‘travel bubbles’ within the region to allow quarantine free travel..
  • Being based in Cambodia which borders both Vietnam and Thailand, these 3 exciting and vibrant countries are firmly on our radar for a healthy slice of vegan luxury travel post-pandemic..
  • Check out these luxury hotels and resorts that go above and beyond to ensure that plant based food is not only readily available, but packed with creativity, flavour and local culinary flair..
  • One positive that has come from not being able to travel is the fact that we’ve spent time exploring our adopted home country..
  • Every trip opens new possibilities and offers new experiences but we always enjoy returning home, to Siem Reap where we are blessed with not only the Temples of Angkor in our back garden, but one of the most vegan friendly luxury resorts in the region..
  • Combine these qualities with the fact that they have excellent vegan and plant based options available, it easy to understand why we are big fans of theirs..
  • You will find a selection of delicious vegan dishes clearly marked on each of the menus at Treeline and HOK, the signature restaurant on the ground floor..
  • Don’t miss out on the most amazing ‘Vegan Bangers and Hash’ on the breakfast menu, or the refined take on a Khmer street food classic ‘Nom Krok’ which are available at HOK….

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