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Waterfalls Near Siem Reap: To Get Your Inner Waterbaby Out In Cambodia

Sumary of Waterfalls Near Siem Reap: To Get Your Inner Waterbaby Out In Cambodia:

  • About Waterfalls Near Siem Reap Image SourceSpeaking about waterfalls near Siem Reap, Kulen falls, in the National Park called Phnom Kulen, is a prominent place for any local people and visitors to chill on a sunny day.
  • This mountain range is a pilgrimage site for Hinduism followers and Buddhism followers.
  • Hen interestingly not only for pilgrimage, history or nature, this mountain range is also very highly significant for national reasons for the Cambodian people.
  • Kulen Mountain waterfall: Amazing natural beauty Image SourceKulen Mountain waterfall is a famous spot for both domestic and international tourists alike for its outdoor activities and leisure facilities.
  • The River of a Thousand Lingas highlights carvings in the riverbed itself, going back to the Khmer Empire, and is completely uncovered in the dry season.
  • This fascination is in the western piece of the Kulen mountain inside the Phnom Kulen National Park.

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