website allows users to listen to thousands of radio stations around the world

Sumary of Website allows users to listen to thousands of radio stations around the world:

  • By Mark Jenkins, When I spent a few days in Ubud, Bali cultural-tourism capital, gamelan music was rarely out of earshot..
  • The intricate percussive music — the principal thing that drew me to the island — clanged from shops, restaurants and abundant open-air performance spaces..
  • It was my cursor that did the hovering as it navigated, a website that portrays more than 33,000 streaming radio stations as individual green dots on a spinnable virtual globe that charts oceans, deserts and mountains but not national borders..
  • Radio Garden is a banquet for anyone who enjoys maps, international music and travel, and self-guided cultural studies..
  • It began in 2016 as a temporary project of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, devised by interactive design firms Studio Puckey and Moniker..
  • The site was such a sensation that co-designer Jonathan Puckey decided to keep it in operation after its initial run..
  • To the Amsterdam-based Dutch British designer, the site essence is “this exciting tension between people and their geographical location..
  • Decades before the Internet, Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan distinguished TV, a “cool medium,”.
  • Each green dot represents a streaming service, only some of which mirror a radio station terrestrial broadcast signal..
  • Several regions are populated by many more stations that could possibly be accommodated on the AM and FM spectra..
  • (Most of the currently available ones are in the Hong Kong/Macao/Guangzhou region.) “In certain countries bandwidth costs are very high, which might make it unsustainable to stream online.”.
  • Other sites — and are just two of them — often offer more information about stations and programming than Radio Garden does..
  • Puckey plans to add more such data and to translate his site into such languages as Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French and possibly others..
  • “There is a magical space in between getting lost and finding your way that we try to tap into with Radio Garden.”.
  • Audio-hopping Hours spent circling Radio Garden yield many insights — all of which are debatable, since no listener can sample enough stations at enough times to really comprehend what streaming worldwide..
  • radio formats are widely emulated, with American-style promo announcements — in English — employed by stations from Gold FM 93.2 (Colombo, Sri Lanka) to Love FM 97.5 (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) to Radio Mega Mix (Kameyama, Japan)….

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