Britons dream of a USA holiday and are ready to spend ‘£10,000 per person’ to go

britons dream of a usa holiday and are ready to spend 10000 per person to go

Sumary of Britons dream of a USA holiday and are ready to spend ‘£10,000 per person’ to go:

  • Britons all over the country have compared how much it cost to stay in the UK to how much they would have paid if they could have gone overseas.
  • VisitBritain has reported that in 2019, Britons spent nearly three times as many nights holidaying abroad as they did in the UK., or 512 million nights overseas against 198 million nights in the UK.With the travel restrictions this year, Britons mainly stayed in the UK.And they were shocked by how much it all cost.
  • However, it has been revealed an overseas holiday is now also more expensive than ever.
  • The cost of international holidays increased by 27 percent in the last three years, reports Forbes Advisor.
  • The study surveyed 2,000 Britons on their holiday wishes for 2022, and even asked them how they would pay for their dream holiday.
  • From “long-term savings or investments” (35 percent) to “emergency/ rainy day savings” (20 percent), Britons seem determined to make the most of their holiday time next year.

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